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    Experience authentic snowfall and enjoy yourself by indulging in sledge rides, mountain climbing and disco dancing surrounded by 14,000 square feet of snow. Experience happiness right here at Snow Kingdom Chennai, one of India's largest snow theme parks in Chennai!!

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Snow Kingdom is India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s first and only indoor snow theme park, with the scintillating experience of authentic snowfall.

A coveted destination for snow adventure sports in Chennai, Snow Kingdom has heaps of happiness lined up for everyone. Be it children, teenagers, young adults or older parents, this unique world of snow will definite not disappoint you. This amusement park comes with a variety of other attractions including the ClickArt Museum, Live Art Museum and Ink Wear facilities and is located on the beautiful East Coast Road in Chennai.


Individuals can also indulge in virtual reality cricket. Experience the feel of playing in an international cricket stadium as you try out a few virtual knocks.

The most unique experience that Snow Kingdom Chennai offers is falling snow. It is authentic, pretty and is indeed a magical moment for visitors to see real snow fall down on them from the skies.

Snow Kingdom is a one stop travel destination in a single location. It sports a Snow Discotheque, Tobogganing and Rock Climbing for a unique experience. Conveniently located and easily accessible, Snow Kingdom Chennai is an experience like no other.


Hot. Humid. Summer, 12 months of the year! These are some of the words you may associate with Chennai. But Snow Kingdom, is changing that! Now enjoy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures at a unique Chennai travel destination without travelling all the way to the Himalayas!

Among Asia’s finest, India’s largest, and Tamil Nadu’s first and only indoor snow themed park, with the real experience of authentic snowfall, Snow Kingdom is a brand-new travel destination in Chennai. Snow Kingdom operates as an independent facility, adjacent to Universal Kingdom (part of Golden Beach Area), and can be accessed via the parking lot of Universal Kingdom.

Snow Kingdom has added on various other attractions as well, becoming a complete travel destination in a single location. Now visit two unique Museums in addition to the snow leisure family entertainment centre! Plan a full day’s travel to the same destination... conveniently located in Chennai, en route to Mahabalipuram and further South!

Snow Kingdom is a landmark travel destination for every Chennaitie and tourist, a must-see attraction which offers a fascinating new brand of enjoyment. Bring your children, parents, friends and colleagues. As testimonials of our happy customers show, the more the merrier!

Chill out at this unique Chennai travel destination. Book your ticket today!

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